Florida Company Perfects the Art of Customer Retention

Customer Retention Program from Florida.com
SYSTEM MARKETING 2.0 Boosts Business Revenue

Boca Raton, FL- June 15, 2017- System Marketing 2.0, the B2B division of Florida.com specializing in Trade Show Sales, announces the latest iteration of its highly effective national customer retention and referral system.

System Marketing 2.0 is based on fundamental marketing principles and technology to make customers feel special, save them money, and keeps businesses in touch. All these techniques are performed through permission based marketing. The new streamlined system using unobtrusive marketing, combines instant gratification methods causing customer excitement and interaction creating a buzz from their very first experience. This positivity from the customer opens the path for a receptive marketing channel from the very first moment of the introduction of System Marketing 2.0.

According to Entrepreneur.com, 49% of customers will switch businesses they frequent from a coupon. As most businesses focus on customer acquisition via advertising, 98% of them have no solid plan for customer retention or referrals. With System Marketing 2.0, business owners have an effective system that is proven to keep their customers coming back.

Many business owners may wonder if they need a specific plan that focuses solely on customer retention, and the answer to that question is money. It is far less expensive to retain the same customers and give them reasons to come back, than it costs to acquire new ones. Businesses that take the time to nurture their clientele, will develop business relationships that bring new customers through referrals. System Marketing 2.0 fills the gap for businesses using only customer acquisition. Companies that have a retention and referral program in place are far ahead of their competitors who lose out on extra revenue.

Those businesses interested in improving their customer base should check out System Marketing 2.0 at http://SystemMarketing.Florida.com, to see how a retention and referral system can increase their business.

System Marketing Contact Information:


David Kaleky, Pres

Telephone: 561-843-2112

Email: djkaleky@florida.com

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